Who might be the author

 "Art Researches" is the anthology of the Dimitri Janelidze Scientific-Research Institute at the Georgian State Shota Rustaveli University of Theatre and Film.

The authors of the scientific articles and information reports published in "Art Researches" are: the staff of the Dimitri Yanelidze Scientific Research Institute, assistant researchers and staff of the museum integrated in the structure of the Institute. Likewise, the foreign scientists interested in the research of Georgian culture and art, working in archives and museums of foreign countries and dealing with the Georgian cultural workers, as well as materials concerning Georgia kept in the foreign museums and archives.

The Article submission form –  the first page must contain in Georgian and English: Title of the article, first and last name of the author(s), institution, academic degree, status.


Sequence of data:

  • - Name and last name of the author;
  • - Title;
  • - Keywords;
  • - Text;
  • - Proof of sources according to the principle of footnotes;
  • - References used/ Bibliography;
  • - Summary in Georgian, English, German.



  • - standard word processing programme (MS Word). Text without layout and pictures, no separation into syllables, no grouped style.
  • - Font size for the plain text – 11;
  • - Font size for the footnotes – 10;
  • - Line spacing – 1,15;
  • - Fields on all sides – 2 cm;
  • - Font type for text – Sylfaen;
  • - Text volume – 10-50 pages;
  • - Summary – 500 – 1000 words.


Visual aids:

  • - Visual resources/aids must be freely available and/or provided with the right of use;
  • - The photos should be submitted in JPG or TIF format (in high resolution, not less than 300 dpi) in extra folders numbered in correspondence with the text part;
  • - When mentioning the picture in the text, the designation is used: Image: ...
  • - The illustrations should be titled according to the numbering and submitted as a list.



Always give shortened versions of the literature you are referring to, with key words from the title (complete titles should only be given in the bibliography).


  1. 1. Lagerlöf ,,Christ Legends, New York, 2014, p. 17
  2. 2. Ibid. p. 45



  • - Bibliography must be given at the end of the paper, in alphabetical order, first Georgian, then foreign language literature;
  • - When citing titles, the following order must be observed: the last name of the author or editor, first letter of the first name, title, place and year of publication, in the case of the paper - the first and last page;
  • - When citing the paper laid out on the website, it is also essential to indicate - the author, title, year and address of the website.



The Summary /the abstract must contain the important content and research findings of the article.